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here right now


in this Ocean


TV and Film Placements and cool stuff:

So You Think You Can Dance/Canada, MTVs, ‘The Hills’, ABC’s, ‘One Life to Live’, New York City Dance Alliance Showcase, Dance For a Cure/Seattle, Various Youth Dance and Vocal Projects, Sundance Winner‘Anywhere USA’ (lead vocals)




  TAGG wrote @

You a most gifted youg woman, Ash…The world is a better place with you in it…

  ray botham wrote @

hey ashley, i own the straightaway cafe out on hwy 9 east of black mountain (see us on facebook also) and hold love music every friday and saturday. don talley is quite familiar with our venue and i have been following you for years and would love to talk about playing out here. you can contact me through email, facebook or phone @ 828-776-3577. thanks and keep the music happening

  Hong wrote @

I LOVE your song T_T

but i cant express my great feeling!!
I like ‘a little more of you’ best!

and i am going to be a big fan of you
from now on!

your songs and singing is soooo touching and loving !!!

Im a korean 20 woman

  AL B. wrote @

Just a Fan;)

  MaLinda wrote @

Your song, “A Little More of You” has become a very special song for me and my girlfriend. The words speak to our relationship on such a deep level and has become “our” song. We are going through a difficult time right now, but the line, “Right beside you” has become a code phrase for us meaning ‘I love you’ and ‘I miss you.’

Keep up the awesome writing.

  Laura wrote @

Hello! I’m from Argentina. I heard your song ‘A Little More of You’ on a Skins episode, and I loved it! I’ve listened to other or your songs and they are beautiful too, but I’ve always had the need to learn how to play A Little More of You on piano. I think I got the singing parts ok, but that solo is just amazing and perfect and I can’t get it by just listening to it. So I was wondering if maybe you could post the piano sheet (or send it to me by email.. or, i don’t know). I know it can be really annoying so…
Anyway, thank you for your so touching music 🙂

  Brian wrote @

I agree with Laura. Beautiful piano solo on little More of You and I’d love to buy sheet music for it. Is it published anywhere?

Also I’m totally addicted to Here Right Now. You’re musicsaxaphone and lyrics are touching. Best of luck to you. I’m already a devoted fan.

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